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Sales Manager

Account Manager


“What is your strategy to win that big deal you have forecasted for next month?”

“Hmmmm…..oh!, I’m gonna take ‘em on a visit to our headquarters and give them a really great price”


Visits and low price do NOT constitute a strategy!

Hope is not a strategy!

“You have forecasted that deal, what are the chances it will close by the end of next month?”

“100%, book it!”

Order will not be booked for 5 months!

“Do you know what their buying process is?”

“Please show the process to me.”

“Oh yeah,  I’m pretty sure”


Rep’s on the outside looking in.  No clue of the importance 3-D™.  Developing, Documenting and Driving the Buying Process™

“Who are the key decision makers, what are their roles and what are their decision criteria?”

“I have a friend who knows some people”


You must know the players, roles and criteria.

“If the decision were today who would win and why?”

“Hmmm… good question, don’t know”




  • “How can I help my sales team: 
    • Get 24-7 access to job aids, tools, best practices?

    • Drive toward a single, high quality, consultative, strategic selling methodology?

    • Sell strategically?

    • Pick the sales strategy to help win key opportunities?

    • Perform during key account reviews?

    • Be sure that they have properly qualified key opportunities?

    • Make and meet their forecast?

    • Position themselves as trusted advisors to their client?

    • All Qualify for Presidents Club?”

The Solution:  The Sales Strategizer

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