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What is the Sales Strategizer Pro?


Click here to enter information for a new account.  You may enter the account name, opportunity name, estimated revenue and close date.  Use “next” for field navigation.  Only the account name is mandatory.

Previously entered information is stored under your current projects tab.  Your accounts will appear for you to update and analyze.

Clicking on about will access additional information about the Selling Power Sales Strategizer along with contact information.

The home button takes you the first page of the application where you can start a new project or access previous projects.

Inputs section asks a series of questions about your opportunity for you to answer.  The default answer is “NO”.  Touch to change to “YES”.   Touching the capitalized words in each question connects you to an educational hyperlink.

After completing your inputs, touch “Next” or the “Analyze” icon on the bottom of your screen.  You will see a digital readout of your current chances of winning based upon your inputs.  Additionally you will see “Red Flags” indicating suggested action items, coaching and suggested sales strategies.

Touching “Share” directs you to the summary report which you can send to yourself and your colleagues for collaboration and printing.