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The Sales Strategizer™ is the first deal-closing application for the iPhone & iPad

More B2B Deals closed at Higher Margins in Less Time

B2B Salespeople are under greater pressure than ever to close more sales and companies are under greater pressure to improve margins. Now there is an app for that! The Sales Strategizer™.

The Sales Strategizer™ is poised to become the unique must-have applications for B2B sales pros. Here is an overview of the capabilities of these new applications:

The Sales Strategizer™

This version includes:

  • A customized account strategy generator. This powerful engine will ask the sales rep a series of questions about each opportunity and generate a completely customized recommendation for deploying the most effective strategy.

  • Virtual coaching. Salespeople will be made aware of “red flags” that may sabotage the deal and receive best-practice advice for improving their chances of closing the sale at higher margins.

  • A powerful forecasting tool that allows salespeople to realistically assess their chances for closing the sale. By improving forecasting accuracy, companies can optimize inventories, improve cash flow and increase profits.

  • E-mail capability for sharing the report and recommendations with sales management.

This advanced version is available at the App Store. Just click on this link:


“These apps are fast, simple and highly effective,” says Sales Strategizer founder Gerhard Gschwandtner, “Users will enjoy three major benefits. First, salespeople will stop chasing garbage trucks and consistently focus on the most promising opportunities. Second, salespeople will respond to each opportunity by following a proven methodology. Third, sales managers will spend less time taking over the job that their salespeople are supposed to do.”

Dan Adams, the founder of Trust Triangle Selling explained, "The Sales Strategizer will help thousands of B2B salespeople sell more than they ever thought possible. The Sales Strategizer will help companies create the fastest connection between strategy and results. It will become the Gold Standard for managing strategic account sales.”

About Trust Triangle Selling

The Creator of the patented process engine embedded in the Sales Strategizer™, and founder of Trust Triangle Selling, Dan Adams is an award-winning author, a sought after keynote speaker, and consultant with 37 years of experience in the field of sales and marketing. Adams honed his strategic selling skills by creating customized multi-million dollar solutions for Fortune 500 and high technology companies, Dan founded a profitable sales consulting company utilizing his own strategic selling principles embodied in his program Trust Triangle Selling™ and the new iPhone and iPad Sales Strategizer™ app.  www.trusttriangleselling.com

The Sales Strategizer™ is available at the app store on any iPhone or iTouch. http://www.apple.com/iphone/apps-for-iphone/