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Sales Strategizer Screen Shots

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Previously entered information is stored under your current projects tab.  Your accounts will appear for you to update and analyze.   Your accounts will appear for you to update and analyze.  Accounts, opportunities and estimated close dates are displayed.  The color of the bar along the left side is a quick indicator of your chances of winning:  Green-High, Yellow-Medium, Red-Poor.


The Sales Strategizer permits you to enter information for a new account or modify existing accounts. You may enter the account name, opportunity name, estimated revenue and close date. 


A digital readout appears, calculating your current chances of winning based upon your inputs.


You will see “Red Flags” indicating suggested action items, coaching and suggested sales strategies.


Suggested sales strategies are provided.

Details for each of the suggested strategies are explained   You can e-mail or text a summary report to yourself and your colleagues for collaboration and printing.   Summary report shows all the Strategizer inputs



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