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Introducing the Strategic Sales Coaching System 
from Trust Triangle Selling™

What is it?

A strategic & consultative selling best practices mobile application providing details on the 12 major opportunity sales strategies as well as coaching and recommended next steps.

The Benefits 

  • Coach yourself and your sales force with a comprehensive overview of the 12 major account strategies, including:

    • A thorough description of each strategy;

    • Guidance for when to deploy each strategy;

  • Advice as to how to deploy each strategy.

Intended Audience


The Sales Strategizer-Pro™  iPhone application is strictly limited to sales managers and sales pros working in businesses where selling efforts and markets are defined by one or more of the following categories:  

  • Business to business

  • High technology

  • Long, complex client buying processes

  • High-risk transactions

  • Health care technology & services

  • Substantial initial investment

  • Highly educated clients

  • Selling to top officers of major corporations


For a special introductory offer of only $9.95, you can hire your own virtual coaching assistant, The Sales Strategizer at a cost of just pennies per week, will guide you through your accounts, calculate your chances of winning, recommend the best strategy, and suggest action items to improve your sales performance—all at the palm of your hand! Get it now before your competition beats you to it!


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